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Effective Urine Drug Test Solutions

Urine drug tests are convenient and easy to administer, making it a favorite in workplaces with random testing policies. If your workplace has a policy for random urine tests, it is best to know a few solutions that you can use so you are not caught off guard. 


Powdered urine

Synthetic urine is formulated to mimic the chemical and physical properties of real urine. It can be used along with other tools like bladders and temperature strips to increase the chances of passing a regular urine test. Synthetic urine comes in pre-mixed powdered forms and is often formulated to be usable for eight hours after activation. Powdered urine contains uric acid, creatine, nitrates, urea, a pH between 4.8 and 8, and must be activated to reach body temperature to resemble real urine. Additionally, it must have a certain color, specific gravity and the typical smell and foam found in real urine.


Water Intake

Diluting the urine with water is the easiest way to increase your chances of beating a urine test. Drink 8 glasses of water before taking a test. Pair this with a couple of B vitamins to ensure that your pee retains that natural amber color.



Timing when you take the sample can make a difference as well. Experts recommend peeing at least twice before taking the urine sample. This way, your sample pee contains a lesser amount of metabolites compared to the urine that you previously passed.



If you have advance notice of a drug test, you can use diuretics to promote urination to get the most amount of metabolites out of your system as possible. Midol is one of the most popular diuretics known to be effective in promoting urination to pass a drug test. Remember to take in lots of water while taking diuretics to avoid dehydration. Intake of Vitamin B tablets is also needed to maintain the yellow or amber color in the urine. 



Abstinence is the best option since this is a guarantee that you'll pass any drug test, urine or otherwise. If you know the company policy of drug tests and have a good idea when these tests will be administered, you can stay off drugs a month or even a few weeks prior to the test. 

Acing any drug test is possible if you know what to do. Click here to know more about how to pass your next urine test with flying colors.

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